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Sublimation Training and Videos

Learn how easy it easy to turn sublimation blanks into a personalize product that can make a profit for your company, SEPS Graphics offer training videos from: How to choose a sublimation print to how to sublimate specific items. Sublimation printing allows businesses to create customized and personalized full color products on demand. Learn How the process works. Plus all the many items you can offer your customers. What can you make with Sawgrass sublimation inks? Awards & Recognitions, Interior Signs, Ceramic Tiles, Personalized Photo Gifts, Photo Panels, Promotional Products, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, Ornaments, Athletic Uniforms, Rental Uniforms, Home and Office Décor, Picture Frames ,Puzzles, Performance Apparel, Jewelry, Tote Bags, And More...

Dye Sublimation Printing. A dye-sublimation printer (or dye-sub printer) is a computer printer which employs a printing process that uses special dye-sub inks and uses heat to transfer dye onto polyeter materials, such as fabrics, mugs, etc.

Learn how easy it easy to turn sublimation blanks into a personalize product that can make a profit for your company, SEPS Graphics offer training videos from: How to choose a sublimation print to how to sublimate specific items.

Sublimation Training Videos


  • Sublimation Awards
    • With Sawgrass sublimation systems, you'll be able to generate more dollars from every customer and diversify your product offerings to include signage, promotional and fundraising items, ID products and more. Whether want to grow in your current markets or enter new ones, our solutions will get you there in record time.
    • Potential Markets
      • Sports and School
      • Corporate & Small Business
      • Churches & Nonprofits
      • Special Events
      • Fundraising
  • Sublimation Personalized Gifts
    • With Sawgrass Product Decorating Systems, you can create the personalized phone cases, picture frames, pillows, coasters and other products people want. Sublimation's full-color, high-definition technology enables you to easily customize with text, graphics and photos. Your products will fetch premium prices because you're making more than a gift. You're making a memory.
    • Potential Markets
      • Boutique and Retail Shops
      • Online Stores / E-Commerce
      • Mall Kiosks
      • Craft Fairs / Festivals
      • Seasonal Retailers
      • Schools, Clubs, Nonprofits
  • Sublimation for Education
    • Stand out in the school fundraising market with sublimated products. Your keychains, apparel, mugs, bags, license plates and other popular items are perfect for fundraising programs. Because of the great demand for these customizable products, both you and your school benefit from higher sales and more profit.
    • Potential Markets
      • Band Boosters
      • Athletic Boosters
      • Academic Boosters
      • PTA and Parent Organizations
      • School Administration
      • Alumni and Support Groups
  • Sublimation Interior Signage
    • With sublimation, you can offer customers eye-catching, high-definition signage that won't fade over time, is easy to clean and can stand up to just about any kind of environment. Paper and vinyl signage cannot compare to the quality and versatility that comes with sublimation. You can even get creative with unique substrates, such as acrylic, wood, metal and slate, to diversify your product line and stand out from the competition.
    • Potential Markets
      • Business
      • Retail
      • Hospitality
      • Restaurants
      • Schools
      • Churches
      • Government
  • Sublimation Garment Decoration
    • Decorating garments with full-color, high definition graphics is easier and more profitable than ever with Sawgrass' digital printing solutions. Our sublimation and digital heat transfer technologies enable you to offer customers lasting, vibrant color on polyester, poly-blend and cotton fabrics. No other technologies can deliver the same level of quality, durability and economy, which makes Sawgrass solutions ideal for start-ups and diversifying existing garment decoration businesses. And with no set-up time or color separations, you can finally turn a profit on short-run orders with quick turnaround.
    • Potential Markets
      • Retail
      • Schools
      • Souvenirs
      • Sports and Clubs
      • Events
      • Businesses
      • Promotional Products
  • Sublimation Hard Surface Goods
    • Sawgrass sublimation solutions' ability to print on a variety of surfaces is driving innovation and opportunities for digital decoration in a wide range of applications. This technology enables you to transfer artwork directly to metal, glass, ceramic, plastic and wood substrates, unleashing a whole new world of unique products for manufacturers and market expansion possibilities for digital printing service providers. From tiled mural and POP signage applications to sporting goods and consumer products, the list of opportunities to transform everyday surfaces into art is endless. Rich detail, high quality, fast production and versatility. These are the hallmarks of Sawgrass' sublimation solutions.
    • Potential Markets
      • Residential and Commercial Decoration
      • Sporting and Home Goods
      • Professional Photography and Fine Art Sellers
      • Galleries and Exhibits
      • Advertising and Promotions
  • Sublimation Photography and Fine Art
    • Traditional prints simply cannot compete with the color, detail and durability of sublimated prints on metal, tile, canvas and glass. Sublimation delivers better imaging with wider gamuts and more precise color clarity – all of which are required for capturing important details in ways other printing processes cannot match. The result: high-definition images that demand to be seen - and purchased.
    • Potential Markets
      • Professional Photographers
      • Artists
      • Weddings
      • Museums
      • Retail
      • Architectural and Interior Designers
  • Sublimation Promotional Products
    • As a digital product decorator, you can offer small businesses, corporations and organizations what traditional promotional product manufacturers cannot: quick turnaround and smaller runs of full-color, durable and personalized items that will get their brand seen time and again.  Your branded shirts, socks, bag tags, mugs, laptop sleeves, mousepads, water bottles, cell phone cases, keychains and more give customers much more than a product with their logo. Items such as these are used over and over, delivering more exposure for their brands - and more value for every dollar they invest.
    • Potential Markets
      • Small Businesses & Corporations
      • Teams & Clubs
      • Restaurants
      • Healthcare
      • Health Clubs
      • Golf Courses