PolySign LowTack for Golf Carts,8.5×11, 100 sheets


PolySign LowTack for Golf Carts,
8.5×11, 100 sheets

Laser Printable



PolySign LowTack for Golf Carts,
100 sheets
Laser printable

High quality removable” adhesive backed synthetic paper specifically

designed for OKI LED Printers.

Key Features

• Leaves No Adhesive Residues and No Scraping or Special

Removal Solvents Required

• Can be Easily Applied to Any Flat Surfaces such as Windows, Plastic, Metal,

Glass, Wood and Carbon Fiber

• Perfect for Applications such as Window Advertising, Car Bumper Stickers

and Labels

• Extra Laminates are Normally Not Required to Resist Water and UV Rays

• Virtually No Air Bubbles

• Lay Flat Backing with Leading Edge Trimmed

• Available in 8.5” x 11” and 11.5”x 17”

Material: Polyester Synthetic Paper

Thickness: .15mm


GO’s PolySign is a high quality polyester synthetic paper with a removable adhesivecoating that provides beautiful vibrant imaging output using OKI LED Printers. GO’s PolySign comes in two finishing types: White Opaque and Clear for various applications. GO PolySign is so easy to use: you just print, peel and apply to any flat surfaces. In addition, GO PolySignLow tack can be applied to a surface and then peeled off when done – all of the adhesive will stay on the paper.

Ideal Applications: Golf Tournaments, temporary signs on golf carts

Ideal for applications such as Window Advertising, Car Bumper Stickers, Kids Bedroom Decorations, Name Badges, Business Cards, Decorating School Class Rooms and Labels

Additional information

Weight5 lbs