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14″ x10.25 wide Oval Sublimation Platter, 12 each


14″x10.25″ wide Oval Sublimation Platter,
12 each
Sublimation platter


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14″  x10.25 wide Oval Platter Sublimation Platter,
12 each

The platter is the perfect serving piece for your next party or get together. The center of the platter can be decorated in your flat press with our oval aluminum puck. Use heat tape to place your transfer and then press for 15 to 20 minutes at 400 F. at medium pressure (be sure to pre-heat the puck before pressing). Sublimation inks activate at high temperatures so be sure to tell your customers to avoid using the platter for serving items straight out of the oven or grill.


  1. Using a plate Puck: To keep from breaking the plate, Set the press settings before starting. Open the press, put the puck on the center of the plate. Lower the press onto the puck, without locking it into place. Carefully lower the press while simultaneously turning the pressure knob so the press lowers or rises before locking. If pressure on the plate is hard before locking, then loosen the dial in a counter-clockwise position until the platen locks on the plate. If the pressure on the plate is loose before locking then turn the knob clockwise until firm pressure is applied to the plate. In this instance, after locking, raise the platen, tighten the knob one full turn and you will have the required pressure. 2) Pre-heat the puck, metal side face up and rubber side face down, until the temperature under rubber pad reaches 400°. 3) Cut your transfer using a circle cutter or scissors. Be sure to adjust the circle cutter such that the paper is cut right up to the edge of the recessed area of the surface of the plate. This will help you to seamlessly align the image, and will keep the green rubber pad from coming into contact with the imaging area of the plate. The green pad will yellow any area of the plate that it touches while imaging. 4) Apply a mist spray adhesive to the transfer and then place the transfer face down on the ceramic plate. Make sure you get it where you want it, peeling on and off will leave a residue of inks. 5) Cover the press with protective paper. This will prevent suction between the plate and the bottom rubber platen. Place the plate in the center of the press.

    6) Place a piece of 1/16”or 1/8” green heat conductive rubber onto the image to be transferred. It’s best to trim the rubber into a circle using a circle cutter. This will keep the rubber inside of the coverage area of the transfer and assure seamless fitment over all time.

    7) Place the puck on top of the heat conductive rubber.

    8) Lower the platen and clamp the press. Be sure to handle the puck and plate with an oven mitt or heat-resistant gloves!

  2. Using a Plate heat press is similar in the instructions with the pressure and instructions, times can vary per heat press a starting point is instructions 280F, cooking at 360F, 45-60 sec, (all heat presses are different, this is a starting point) times can go up to 7 minutes. medium pressure with green pad on top. (Green Heat Conductive Rubber)


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