HoloFX Flex T shirt Vinyl 19″x 10yd


HoloFX Flex T shirt Vinyl 19″x 10yd


HoloFX Flex T shirt Vinyl 19″x 10yd


HoloFx Flex

Introducing a new holographic film that creates stunning rainbow color effects, especially when light hits it. Each color has a different holographic effect once you remove the carrier. Great for creating a unique, eye-catching design. Manufactured without the pressure-sensitive carrier for easy stacking of weeded designs.
Use a 45 degree blade high pressure
cut in mirror image

8 Colors
Chrome DH3A-01
Pearl Black DH3A-02
Gold DH3A-04
Red DH3B-02
Black DH3B-03
Transparent DH3B-05
Navy DH3C-01
Aqua DH3C-02

305 f heat
Medium to film ven pressure
8 seconds
Peekl Cool
Wash inside out, cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low heat




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Weight 3 lbs

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