Geniejet P5000 Inkjet Polyester Plate Equipment Bundle 17″ Polyester Plate System


Geniejet P5000 Inkjet Polyester Plate Equipment Bundle 17″ Polyester Plate System




Geniejet P5000 Inkjet Polyester Plate Equipment Bundle 17″ Polyester Plate System

Polyester CTP Plate System
Epson P5000 Printer
18.9 Laminator with speed and temperature dials
GenieJet Rip
Box of Geniejet Polyester Plates
Cleaner 1 Qt
Wetting solution- fountain 1 QT
Chemical Free

Geniejet The affordable Inkjet CTP Platemaking system with complete systems Low Equipment Investment, low cost Inkjet CTP Plates and CTP Chemical CTP Free Systems.

GenieJet plates require no equipment modifications, no special handling or lighting and absolutely no chemical processing. In fact, all of your plate-making chemical storage, handling and disposal worries are eliminated the day you start using GenieJet plates. The system also doubles up as color printing work-flow for proofs, posters, banners.

The System:

Most Epson inkjet Printers, using Ultrachrome K3 Inks from 13” to 44”

Genie RIP PC based software RIP

Simple low cost plate dryer

8 mil Geniejet Polyester Plates

The Work Flow:

Design your job using the software you normally use

Send the file to the software RIP

Image the Geniejet plate with your Epson Printer

Pass the Geniejet plate through a dryer

Wet the Geniejet plate with Genie-Affinity, and print up to 10,0000 Impressions

Geniejet is fully compatible with Epson CTP and VIM Platemaking systems

The Benefits:

A Process free platemaking system!

No developing or fixing

All the benefits of the other CTP Systems, without the Hugh capital investment

How to Install:

SEPS Graphics prides itself for the Technical Support

Buy the system with confidence, you will be guided every step of the way

We can train you to remotely configure the printer & RIP, and provide all the tuition you need to be making plates on time!

GenieJet Plate Output Capability:

Spot Size 25-40 microns

Reverse type reproduction 6-8 pt.

Dot Reproduction 2-95% dot

Screen Ruling up to 150 lpi

Print Rune Length up to 10,000 impressions

Registration accuracy 5-25.25 tolerance (Not meant for 4 color process)

Buy a Pre-Assembled Chemical Free Package or used your existing equipment and our Geniejet RIP and supplies.

If you don’t see the configuration or size you need, call for a custom quote 1-800-886-3331. Call for a sample plate.


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Additional information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions24 × 12 × 12 in

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