Foil for Screen Printing or for Laser Prints 11.8×39′


Foil for Screen Printing or for Laser Prints 11.89″x39′, Metallic For for Heat Transfers and Screen Printing


Foil for Screen Printing or for Laser Prints 11.89″x39′,

One Step Metallic For for Heat Transfers and Screen Printing

Weedless Meatllic Transfer Foil

Adheres in Seconds to All Shirt Colors

The finishing of textiles with metallic foils could only be achieved with a standard vinyl material and was limited in the options and detail. Or with Screen Printing and Only large logos and lettering could be plotted and transferred. FOREVER Laser Dark (No-Cut) FINISHING transfer can easily be metallized with the Hot Stamping Foil finishing sheets, the advantage that even the finest details can be transferred. In the first step, a single color design is transferred onto the fabric. The application is identical to the normal LASER DARK (No-Cut) LowTemp application, except that, instead of the standard A-Foil you have to use the A-Foil FINISHING. In an additional pressing step.  Now the design can be metallized with a hot stamping foil or a flock transfer sheet. With a choice of 14 different hot stamping foils and 9 flock colors, detailed or even rasterized designs can be easily decorated. The typical limitations of heat transfers process with heat transfer vinyl are now a thing of the past.

Compatible Fabrics
100% Cotton
100% Polyester
Cotton/Polyester blends
Some blend fabrics – heat test at 310F

Follow full directions for FOREVER Laser Dark No-Cut for FINISHING

When heat pressing to shirt, press A-Foil at 310F for 10-15 seconds, using light pressure

Remove A-Foil Finishing sheet when transfer is completely cool

Position hot stamping foil over transfer, cover with parchment paper

Press hot stamping foil to transfer at 310F, for 30-45 seconds, using heavy pressure

Remove the Hot Stamping Foil Sheet when it is completely cool

Care Instructions

Metallic foil designs are sensitive to washing, but resistant to fading and cracking when washed inside-out in cold wash cycles only. Recommend no tumble drying, and cover with protective paper or fabric when ironing.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Foil Colors 39'

B0AC01 Floral Blue, B3 Blue, B5 Indigo, BA Teal, BC Royal Blue, BE Twilight Blue, CA Almond, E0KP73 Glitter Orange, E0MPO9 Confetti Orange, EC Pumpkin, ED Terra Cotta, EE Matte Orange, EF Matte Sunset, G0HP65 Bubbles Gold, G0K219 Weave Gold, G0KP12 Dust Gold, G0MPO5 Cubism Gold, G0MPO9 Confetti Gold, HC Bright Gold, HF Autumn Gold, HL Matte Gold, K2 Metallic Black, MCAA01 Multi-Bars Blue, MCAA05 Multi Bars Pink, N0KP73 Glitter Kiwi, N0MPO9 Confetti Kiwi, N1 Green, NE Kiwi, NF Grass Green, NH Olive Green, P1 Pink, PB Matte Fuchsia, PE Matte Pink, R0AC01 Floral Red, R0K219 Weave Red, R0KP73 Gltter Red, RAMP11 Carbon Fiber Red, RB Strawberry, S0HP65 Bubbles Silver, S0k219 Weave Silver, S0KP12 Dust Silver, S0KP73 Glitter Silver, S0MP11 Carbon Fiber Silver, S0MPO5 Cubism Silver, S0MPO9 Confetti Silver, S5 Silver, SB Matt Silver, T3 Clear, V0MP11 Carbon Fiber Rose, V0MPO9 Confetti Violet, VA Violet, VB Wisteria