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Direct To Screen Printer, Okidata C831TS Printer and Dry Screen 2.0 Film Package


Direct To Screen Printer,
Okidtat C831 TS Printer and Dry Screen Film Package Includes:
Go Uno Okidata CS 831 TS
1 box of 100 sheets 11×17 Rhinotech Dry Stencil Film 2.0
Includes RhinoTech’s RhinoScreen Film
USB Cable


Direct To Screen Printer,
Okidata C831 TS laser Printer and Dry Screen Film
Package Includes:
Okidata C831 TS Laser Printer
1 box of 100 sheets 11×17 Rhinotech Dry Stencil Film 2.0
USB Cable


Freight Quoted Separately

Direct-Transfer-Screen System for Making Screens

Revolutionary New Screen Making Technology–Direct-Transfer-Screen

No Chemicals. No Emulsions. No Water. No UV Light. No Darkroom

Direct-Transfer-Screen –Complete Screen Process

Can you imagine making screens with: Dry Stencil System

· No Film

· No Darkroom

· No Emulsion

· No Exposure

· No Drying Time

Includes  DTS Printer,Direct To Screen

High Speed Tabloid LED for Screen

Print Market

High Speed Mono Printing Up to 32


Denser and Blacker Colors

Only Printer to Image Full 11×17

Includes RhinoTech’s RhinoScreen Film

Eliminates the Need for Chemicals,

Film Positives, Emulsions, Exposure,

Water, Drying Times and Darkroom

Simple and Fast System Workflow

Bypasses Most of the Traditional

Screen Printing Methods

Applications: Screen Printing, Transfer Papers

How does it work? The main method is to use RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film with the Okidat C831 TS laser printer. After creating and printing a design onto an image sheet using the GO UNO, the uPress 1620HD Heat Press merges the image sheet with a transfer sheet to create a stencil. Paper sizes range from packs of 8.5” x 11” to 11” x 17”. Additionally, the papers are recyclable.


EIGHT Reasons to Consider

1. Developed Specifically for Transfers

2. Extended Edge-to-Edge Technology — Full printing to the bottom (17-inches)

3. Color Rich, enhanced high definition color for transfer

4. High Speed — 35 pages per minute

5. Lower Cost per Copy — Approximately $0.10/page

6. Robustness — Up to 75,000 images per month

7. Competitive Price Point — High Return on Investment

8. LED Print Engine Reliability — More efficient and reliable than laser and consumer

LED printers

The Okidtata C831 TS transfer solution promises all of this and more

The Okidtata is the first professional LED printer built specifically for imaging transfer material with Extended Edge-to-Edge Technology

Key Features

*Wide-Format/Tabloid Color Printer Specifically for Transfer Applications with Compact Design and Small Footprint

*Full Transfer and Tabloid Transfer Printing Using Extended Edge-to-Edge Imaging Technology

*Based on Same Proven Platform as Other Highly Regarded LED Printers; Perfect Addition to the proColor Line

*Applications Beyond Transfer Including Signage, Color Separation and On-Demand Use

*Denser Imaging than Traditional LED Printer – A Perfect Match for Neenah Transfer Paper

*Engineered Specifically for Use with Neenah Transfer Paper

*HD Color Transfer Technology;  Color Toners Enhanced for Transfer – Sharp Detail and Rich, Dramatic Color

*1200 x 600 dpi Resolution for Crisp, Clear Output

*Media Handling from 3” x 5” to 11.6” x 52” Transfers and Banners – The Only *Tabloid Printer to Handle Sheets of that Length

*Fast Print Speeds: Color Output at up to 35 ppm;

*Single Pass Color Digital Technology for Printing up to 80 lb. Cover Stock (216) and Banners up to 52-inches Long

*2 Year On-Site Limited Warranty on Printer; 5 Year Limited Warranty on LED Printheads

Ideal Applications

The new Okidata C831 TS is a groundbreaking professional transfer offering combining performance and flexibility from Graphics One. The best

value in tabloid printing, the Okidtata C831 TS excels specifically in printing transfers and is the only A3 printer to offer Extended Edge-to-Edge

Technology, but also prints documents in letter, tabloid and 52-inch banner formats in unequaled HD color.

The outstanding color quality of the Okidata LED Transfer Series is delivered even on ordinary paper. Bring transfers to life with the

first ever professional LED system for transfer. GO UNO: It’s the professional’s one and only.


Includes one Okidtat 11×17 printer and a starter set of  high definition toners (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)

Freight quoted separately