11×17 Go Uno Go Flipit 1.0 Light Weedless Transfer paper for lights 100 sheets, laser paper


11×17 Go Uno Go Flipit 1.0 Light Weedless Laser Transfer paper for lights, leaves no background. Transfer Paper for laser Printers
100 sheets


11×17 Go Uno Go Flipit 1.0 Light Weedless Laser Transfer paper for lights, Laser transer paper for laser printers

100 sheets

Weed Free Laser Transfer Paper was created to leave NO BACKGROUND around your image! This revolutionary transfer is a One step, self-weeding paper that will only transfer the toner to your garment – nothing else! This makes the image appear as if it were screen-printed directly onto your textile.

Weed Free transfer paper eliminates the need to trim around your image before transferring and works best on full color logos or artwork!

Weed Free can be utilized on most color laser copiers or color laser printers.

Note: This paper will NOT work on inkjet printers. We highly recommend feeding Weed Free through the printer one sheet at a time. Weed Free works well on cotton, cotton/poly blends, polyester and more! This transfer paper cannot be used with a home iron.


The toner used in HP and Brother laser printers, transfers used with these printers tend to have less washability and durability than transfers from other printers.

– Weed Free  special transfer qualities, Weed Free may have difficulties transferring completely when used with gradients, extremely light colors or photographs.

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Weight8 lbs
Dimensions12 × 19 in