UV Block Inks

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Dye based black ink with UV blocking capabilities which has been the standard to produce a film positive can only achieve 3.2-4.0 D max depending on film used, printer model and rip software chosen. The film used for dye inks is called swellable. It swells and absorbs 100% of the water-based liquid dye ink. This type of film is not water resistant and cannot be used for flexo.
A water-based pigment ink with UV blocking is absorbed with capillary action into a water resistant microporous film and carries the pigment particles into the coating where they stick to the ciating and the water evaporates leaving a solid continuous layer. Pigment ink with the right film, printer and rip can achieve up to 5.0 density with high resolution good enough to produce a braille dot.
We use a new technology in our UV blocking black ink so that each pigment particle is coated in a clear resin, so that it flows smoothly thru the print head and does not clog or clump together. It is designed so that it comingles with the nano porous particles of the film to produce an opaque image area vs a pure dye ink which only stains the film, its uv blocking is minimal and dependent on the composition of the ink formula