Metal Studs and Spots Hot Fix

Hot Fix Nailheads, Hot fix Studs and spots and convex stones, Spot Nail Heads (hot fix)and Studs hot fix. Our Hot fix Spot Nail Heads are the Grade A Korean Spot Nail Heads, there are 3 types of Spot Nail Heads on the market, Chinese and Korean, Ours are the finest Korean Spot Nail Heads on the market, the metal is thicker and the color is a thicker coating, less likely to scratch or come off. Dont lose a customer, because the stones come off or start to scratch or the pain coating. Nailheads and spots come in a variety of sizes, measured in millimeter (mm), and a variety of colors. Not all colors are available in all sizes. For comparison purpose to rhinestones, approximately – a 3mm is a 12ss, a 4mm is a a 16ss, a 5mm is 20ss, a 6mm is 30ss,