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SEPS Graphics has serviced the Printing Industry since 1988. Offering manfactures such as, MBM, C.P. Bourg, Epson, Streamfeeder, Straight Shooter, Asmark Mailing equipment, Presstek, Mark Andy, Okidata, Graphtec, Asmark, Screen USA, Mitsubishi, Graphic Whizard, and many more. Please call us to help you find the equipment that fits your Printing Business needs and budjet.

SEPS Graphics offers all styles and size of finishing equipment for office use to the commercial printer. Ranging from Manual, table top, up to Commercial automatic equipment. Call us and let us discuss your needs on Bindery Equipment.  We can help you decide what is best for your companies needs and budget.

Paper Folders / Creasers - MBM Paper folders offer the perfect combination of speed, precision, and operator friendly setup, making them ideally suited for small offices, schools, and corporate environments. Automatic programmable models store fold programs in memory and can be set up to run at the touch of a button. Perfect for digital applications, MBM paper folders feed with accuracy and precision – Friction Paper Folders or Air feed paper folders.

Paper Cutters - Manual paper cutters, Semi-Automatic Paper cutters or Automatic Paper cutters for every need and budget and application. Whether you need to cut a few sheets or multiple cartons, MBM Paper cutters offer speed and safety in a durable cutter. These workhorses are manufactured in Germany by IDEAL Krug & Priester, the world leading manufacturer of small format paper cutters. Renowned for their power, precision, ease of operation and SCS® safety features put them at the head of the class.

Collators / Booklet Makers - MBM Collators and Booklet Makers, handle your needs off line or online for seamless booklet making. 10-binTower collators are available in One or Two Tower units and can be combine in line with a Bookletmaker for automated Collating, Folding, Stitching and Face Trimming.   C.P. Bourg Systems are designed for High Production applications and are available in Semi-Automatic or Fully Automated models

Shredders - Offering table top Paper shredders for office and home, or commercial floor model paper shredders for maximum security. Protect your personal business confidential papers by shredding them. MBM Paper Shredder Models are available in 5 of the 6 security levels defined under the DIN 66399 international standard. Cutting shafts are constructed entirely of hardened steel and are covered by a lifetime warranty (super micro-cut shafts are covered for one year). In addition to their innovative, functional design the exclusive SPS safety features put them among the safest paper shredders in the world. The SUREST way to protect confidential files is doing it yourself

Business Card Slitters - Business card slitters are time saving coming for digital printing or offset printing of business cards in sheets. They will take your letter size paper and cut into business cards. Just Print and feed through the business card slitter and outcome precut business cards. With the MBM BC12 Electric Business Card slitter with speeds of up to 60 cards a minute with 10 pre-set cutting modes and a LED screen make this cutter user friendly. The MBM BC12 can be turned into a perforating and scoring machine with the change of cutting cartridges

Number Machines, perfing and creasing equipment - When “toner cracking on the fold” is not acceptable, a Creasing System must be part of your production center. Creasers break the paper fiber on the “sides” of the fold to eliminate toner cracking directly ON the fold. Forms that require a perforation or score often need the paper modified this way before printing occurs. Perfing/Creasing Systems from MBM solve your problem with quality, speed and accuracy,

Paper Drills - Lassco and MBM paper drills offer floor models or table top paper drills. Single Spindle paper drills, Multi Spindle paper drills, Electric or Hydraulic powered paper drills - for the office or commercial bindery shop, SEPS can source a paper drill to fit your needs. We also support you with drill bits and drilling supplies

INKJET CTP And THERMAL CTP Equipment for the Printing Industry
SEPS Graphics is a full service dealer offering Printers the equipment that fits all needs and budjets. Please call and we can help you decide the best CTP Units for your business.

DIGITAL ENVELOPE PRESSES- offering a wide variety of digtial envelope equipment and printers.

Call if you all ready have a laser printer, we might ahave a envelope feeder and conveyer that will work with your unit.

SEPS Graphics has supplied Equipment, Service and Supplies for the printing, imaging and binding markets since 1988. Not all the products we carry are listed or in our store. Call us for consultation to help you find the equipment and supplies for your business. We offer over 20,000 items, so if you don’t see it, that doesn’t mean we can’t source it.