Last Updated December 21, 2020

We will require you to provide personal information including your name, delivery address, email address, telephone contact, and a valid credit card or other relevant payment details. While we use reasonable security measures to protect your information we will not be liable for any misuse of this information due to an error in transmission, computer virus or malware, or cyber-attack and we recommend that you regularly check to ensure your browser and internet connection are secure and your computer has up-to-date virus software is installed.

All Orders over $3,500 will be required to wired in.

Credit Cards

New policy: We can only ship to the same address as the bill on a credit card account.  Or if you use PayPal, that account must have the same address as we are shipping to in the ship-to address area. We are sorry to inconvenience you, but fraud has made us change our policies.

All Orders over $3,500 will be required to wired in.


We have no dollar minimum, only the case quantity.

Terms of Sales

All orders over $600 will be required Signature on delivery.

Payments Accepted

American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Discover card accepted.

International Customers

Terms of Sale: Wire Transfer, PayPal, Credit Card.

Prices and Tax

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all prices on the site are in US Dollars (USD) and are tax-exclusive. We reserve the right to amend our prices at any time. Where we make a taxable supply and the price does not include taxes we will be entitled to add taxes.

If taxes show up on your invoice, please email us a copy of the certificate and the tax number. Once We receive a copy of your Tax reseller Certificate, taxes will be credited Appropriately.  Taxes are charged based on state laws. Supplies and Equipment are taxed differently. Alabama, Tennessee states that reseller certificates are required. We will contact you to get your resell #, if you do not have one, we will have to charge you tax.


You must pay the order amount in full together with any postage or shipping charge through the site by credit card at the time of making the purchase offer as well as any stated recurring fees with respect to the relevant goods. Naikela Botanicals accepts major credit cards and any other valid payment methods as indicated to you via the site at the point of payment but accepts no responsibility for payment errors including as caused or contributed to by your issuing bank, credit card providers, merchant gateways, or other payment intermediaries.