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The Garment Industry will let you offer your customers the opportunity to capture treasured moments and memories with vivid, full color sublimation. From T Shirts to iPhone cases to plaques, and holiday ornaments to license plates, the variety and quality of the sublimation blanks are sure to have your customers exclaiming "WOW!" Start making money NOW with sublimation blanks. Personalize your customers' items with Sublimation Equipment, Rhinestone Equipment and Direct to Garment Equipment.

SEPS Graphics offers Sawgrass Sublimation Inks, Sublimation Blanks, Vapor Apparel sublimation shirts and sublimation Clothing. Match them with Sawgrass Sublimation Printers, Geo Knight, Hotronix or HIX heat presses and you will jump any business off to a successful start. We can help you select the startup sublimation package that is right for your shop.
SEPS Graphics is your source for:

Sublimation Equipment and Sublimation Printer Packages

Create custom T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, car decals, signs, and much more!

We offer wholesale sublimation equipment including: Sawgrass sublimation printers, Epson sublimation Printers, Sawgrass sublimation inks, sublimation coating and heat presses. (Sublimation equipment)

Sublimation blanks we offer include: sublimation jewelry, Unisub sublimation blanks, sublimation metals, sublimation mugs and ceramics, sublimation cell phone cases, and many more! We have over 15,000 wholesale sublimation blanks available. (Sublimation blanks)

Sublimation Supplies, Polyester Sublimation coating, Sub 2 Cotton Transfer Paper and Powder, Sublimation Inks, Sublimation transfer papers, heat tape, etc. (Sublimation supplies)

We offer printer packages including wide format sublimation printers for
all over printing and commercial sublimation printing. (Sublimation packages)

Rhinestone Equipment and Supplies

Want to create you own custom rhinestone decals and appliques? You've come to the right place! We specialize in rhinestone equipment and supplies and offer affordable packages with everything you need get you started.
(View our rhinestone business starter kits here.)

We offer rhinestones supplies including: hotfix rhinestones, Magic flock rhinestone stencil material, rhinestone software, Adhesive Backed glitter decal material, Graphtec cutters.
(View our rhinestone supplies here.)

Our products are in stock for same day shipping!

Now you can Decorate with Custom Rhinestones Designs, we have a solution and rhinestone equipment and Rhinestone supplies.  We now offer complete rhinestone start up packages, that include rhinestone equipment and rhinestone software and all the start up tools to make your appliques. Now you can make customer Rhinestone Appliqués and bling up you decorated garments.

Garment Industry

We sell and service direct to garment printers and accessories along with rhinestone equipment, white ink laser printers for garment decorating,

T-shirt vinyl's, screen printing equipment, all over sublimation equipment, wide format heat presses and vinyl cutters.

Our supplies and free tech support will insure your ability to start up or supplement your existing business. (More Information)

SEPS Graphics offers direct to garment textile inks in bulk and generic
inks for the direct to garment equipment on the market.

Print and Cut T Shirt Transfers

Print and Cut T Shirt Transfers

SEPS Graphics will provide you will everything you need to make high quality signs for your customers. We are a certified  dealer  Graphtec vinyl cutters, direct to substrate equipment, UV printers and wideformat printers.(View T Shirt Vinyl)

Vinyl cutters offer a way to add vinyl signs and t-shirt vinyl transfers to your business with a new product line for you to offer to your customers. Vinyl cutters can also offer you an opportunity to make rhinestone stencils and rhinestone transfers. (View vinyl cutters)

We offer startup bundles for rhinestone, sign vinyl and T-shirt transfers here.

Screen Printing Industry

We offer all black printers for screen positives and screen printing start up equipment.
Adding the AccuRip with the UV blocking inks and film will allow you to convert your existing printer to use all the channels of you printer to print all black, increasing speed and quality.
Dry Stencil material turns your laser printer into a way to make screens without emulsions.
We offer a full line of heat presses to fit you needs. (View screen printing)

Cotton Transfer Printing

Sawgrass Offers th Chromablast Cotton Transfer Inks for Epson and for Ricoh Printers. Chromablast Inks Offs a budget friendly way into producing Cotton T Shirt Transfers. Digital Cotton Printing offer businesses a budget way to give your customer decorated cotton T Shirts.

.Though the application is quite simple, it’s the patented chemical process that sets ChromaBlast apart from any other form of digital cotton printing.  As heat and pressure are applied during the production, it sets up a cross-link between the cotton, the inks and the media which transfers the image into the fibers of the garment. The result is a customized cotton or poly cotton garment with a soft hand, vibrant color and superior washability.

ChromaBlast cotton transfer solutions enable you add commercial quality prints to a wide variety of cotton and cotton blend products.  Your imagination is you limit.