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3D Printers and 3D scanners will allow you to make a physical copy of any object. 
Fabricate your own prototypes, projects, projects with our selection of
3D Printers and 3D digitizers.

Whether you are a School, a novice or experience user, the SEPS Graphics line of 3D Printers with help you producte quality items. A fast easy, and affordable tool for making professsional quality models.

World class 100 micro layer resolution. Get smooth to the touch surfaces 
that don't need sanding, finishing, or postproduction.

WHAT IS 3D Printing

So what is 3D printing? Essentially, a 3D printer is a machine that can turn a CAD file into a physical object. 
While even today there are a number of competing designs for 3D printers, most work in the same general way. Instead of taking a block of material and cutting away until it produces an object, a 3D printer actually builds the object up from tiny bits of material, layer by layer. Among other advantages, this allows a 3D printer to create structures that would be impossible if the designer needed to find a way to insert a cutting tool into a solid block of material. It also allows a 3D printer to form general-purpose material into a wide variety of diverse objects.
Because they create objects by building them up layer-by-layer, 3D printers can create objects with internal, movable parts. Instead of having to print individual parts and have a person assemble them, a 3D printer can print the object already assembled. Of course, a 3D printer can also print individual parts or replacement parts. In fact, some 3D printers can print a substantial number of their own parts, essentially allowing them to self-replicate.


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3D laptop
3D bust

Educational Market

plus2-1_0 3 D Printer2

UP Plus 2 3D Printer

Home Market


UP Mini 2 3D Printer


upbox png

UP BOX+ 3 D Printer

UP 3D Filaments

ABS-tiertime fiament

3D Software

Model Wizard is a professional software designed for the Inspire series industrial 3D printers.

It has advanced functions which provide more control over printing and print tray preparation.




Mesh Repair

Split Parts, Cut Parts

Supprot for monitoring camera

Preview of tool path and supports

A variety of view modes

Auto arrangement of multiple parts

3D Design Software

The dedicated software for the UP series Desktop 3D printers. The Software overall is simple, easy to use and provide exellent user experience.


Smart Support Technology:

One of the distinguishing feature of UP software is to automatically create support structures that are very easy to remove. This feature allows user to print  more complicate and delicate overhang structure. After printing the supports could be removed by hand or simple tools.

  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Configuration of print tray: Move, Rotation, Scale, Copy, Auto Place, Choose View Angles.
  • Automatically fix defective models.
  • Smart Support Technology: Aauto generation of easy to remove support structures.
  • Software-guided fine tuning of platform leveling.
  • Save as project to preserve print paramenters
  • Support connection to multiple printers.
  • Print preview for calculation of print time and material usage.

Personal 3D Printers, Commercial 3D Printers,Educational 3D Printers or Medical 3D Printers, we have a 3D printer for the hobbiest or the Professional Industry. SEPS Graphics can help find you the 3D printer to fit your needs. 3 D Printing is now fast and afforable. 3D printing technology is used by consumers, hobbyist, students and others to create a wide array of objects. It is also used in many industries including aerospace, architecture, automotive, design, education, engineering, jewelry making, medical and more. What can be produced (“printed”) is only limited by the imagination.