Mitsubishi Clear Proof Matt Inkjet Film
Premium matte surface clear film for flexographic, screen printing film positives and offset film negative applications. Features a unique matte grain surface provides for good vacuum and increase ink absorption. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks. Weight 175 g/m; thickness 5.5 mil


Waterproof film, Inkjet Films
4 mil polyester based film.
Acorn Film is suitable for imaging on inkjet printers for exposing silk screens.
Acorn waterproof Inkjet Film is a high density polyester clear film designed to produce high resolution positives ideally suited for screen printing development. Turns an inkjet printer into an afforable imagesetter. Works great for positive metal plate imaging.
Acorn Inkjet Film is cost effective, requires no darkroom, imagesetters, processors or chemistry.


Acorn Laser Film 4 mil polyester based film.
Acorn Film is suitable for imaging on laser printers or copiers for exposing silk screens.

Kimodesk Premium Clear 4 mil 8.5x14 Film, 100 each, Polyester Laser Film that go's directly from your desktop system, to a laser printer, to burn screens. Kimodesk is well suited for the muticolor screen printing jobs when tight registration is critical, milky in color burns clear.

SEPS Graphics offers a full supply of waterproof inkjet films for making film positives and film negatives. We also specialize in UV Blacking inks and All Black Systems to the Screen Printing and the Offset Printing industry. Please call for more information.

Revolutionary New Screen Making Technology--Direct-Transfer-Screen
No Chemicals. No Emulsions. No Water. No UV Light. No Darkroom

Direct-Transfer-Screen System for Making Screens

GO Direct-Transfer-Screen -- Complete Screen Process
Can you imagine making screens with: Dry Stencil System
· No Film
· No Darkroom
No Emulsion
No Exposure
No Drying Time 
 Includes GO UNO DTS Printer
High Speed Tabloid LED for Screen
Print Market
High Speed Mono Printing Up to 32
Denser and Blacker Colors
Only Printer to Image Full 11x17
Includes RhinoTech's RhinoScreen Film
8.5 x 11 Ten Pack Packaging
Eliminates the Need for Chemicals,
Film Positives, Emulsions, Exposure,
Water, Drying Times and Darkroom
Simple and Fast System Workflow
Bypasses Most of the Traditional
Screen Printing Methods
Applications: Screen Printing, Transfer Papers

How does it work? The main method is to use RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film with the GO UNO. After creating and printing a design onto an image sheet using the GO UNO, the uPress 1620HD Heat Press merges the image sheet with a transfer sheet to create a stencil. Paper sizes range from packs of 8.5” x 11” to 11” x 17”. Additionally, the papers are recyclable.


The GO UNO is the first professional LED printer built specifically for imaging transfer material with Extended Edge-to-Edge Technology
Key Features
*Wide-Format/Tabloid Color Printer Specifically for Transfer Applications with Compact Design and Small Footprint
*Full Transfer and Tabloid Transfer Printing Using Extended Edge-to-Edge Imaging Technology
*Based on Same Proven Platform as Other Highly Regarded LED Printers; Perfect Addition to the proColor Line
*Applications Beyond Transfer Including Signage, Color Separation and On-Demand Use
*Denser Imaging than Traditional LED Printer - A Perfect Match for Neenah Transfer Paper
*Engineered Specifically for Use with Neenah Transfer Paper
*HD Color Transfer Technology; UNO Color Toners Enhanced for Transfer - Sharp Detail and Rich, Dramatic Color
*1200 x 600 dpi Resolution for Crisp, Clear Output
*Media Handling from 3” x 5” to 11.6” x 52” Transfers and Banners - The Only *Tabloid Printer to Handle Sheets of that Length
*Fast Print Speeds: Color Output at up to 30 ppm; Monochrome at up to 32 ppm
*Single Pass Color Digital Technology for Printing up to 80 lb. Cover Stock (216) and Banners up to 52-inches Long
*1 Year On-Site Limited Warranty on Printer; 5 Year Limited Warranty on LED Printheads
Ideal Applications
The new GO UNO is a groundbreaking professional transfer offering combining performance and flexibility from Graphics One. The best
value in tabloid printing, the UNO excels specifically in printing transfers and is the only A3 printer to offer Extended Edge-to-Edge
Technology, but also prints documents in letter, tabloid and 52-inch banner formats in unequaled HD color.
The outstanding color quality of the GO UNO LED Transfer Series is delivered even on ordinary paper. Bring transfers to life with the
first ever professional LED system for transfer. GO UNO: It's the professional's one and only.
Includes one GO UNO printer and a starter set of GO UNO high definition toners (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)
Add-On Products
GO UNO HD Toner Cartridges GO Neenah Transfer Paper GO xPress Heat Presses GO Logo It and GO Tee Square

includes: Dry Stencil Material,
1 box 11x17
box of 50

This unit is not a standard OKIDATA Color LED Printer offered by OKIDATA. This unit has been developed for use with color laser transfer papers for T shirt Printing!
GO UNO™ Printer from SEPS Graphics

§ Fuser Unit, Okidata C8800/C830/Go Uno
§ Printer, GO UNO,
§ Image Drum, Magenta, GO UNO
§ Image Drum, Yellow, GO UNO
§ Image Drum, Cyan, GO UNO
§ Image Drum, Black, GO UNO
§ 1 pack of 100 sheets of no weed laser Transfer paper for lights

GO UNO™ Replacement Toner Cartridges
§ Toner Cart, Magenta, GO UNO
§ Toner Cart, Yellow, GO UNO
§ Toner Cart, Cyan, GO UNO
§ Toner Cart, Black, GO UNO

16x20 Geo Knight USA made HEAT PRESS
Dry Stencil Material,
1 box 11x17 of 50



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A full graphics and sublimation supplier

This revolutionary, highly efficient product expedites the process by eliminating the need for a film positive, emulsion, capillary film, exposure or drying time. Time involved in the making of a stencil is reduced from many steps to just two.

The new dry stencil film also responds to needs for safer and environmentally sensitive products in our industry. Most notably, the papers used are free of BPA and Phthalates (known endocrine disrupters), contain no organic pollutants such as PFOS and PVC materials or organotins that are powerful biocides and fungicide. The paper is completely recyclable as it contains no silicone.

The elimination of extra products and time needs with the new stencil-making process transforms into:
• Money and time saved.
• Reduced inventory space needs.
• Affordability that improves the screen printers' profit-margins.
For the BEST results use an OKI Data laser printer, Xanta laser printer or Brother Mono laser printer.


All Black Screen Printing Equipment, Using a Accurip software you are able to convert epson Printers with UV blocking inks to make film positives combined with the New Mitsubishi Matt film will give take film positives to a new level.  Now SEPS Graphics offers the New Direct to Screen Unit, that will allow you to burn a screen with out the messy emusions. So you save time, and supplies, Faster turnaround time. SEPS Graphics offers and wide varity of the UV Blocking inks, Rhinoscreen direct to screen supplies and complete printer packages.