SEPS Graphics is pleased to announce the addition of a Replacement Cartridge System for the Brother GT Series DTG Printers to our range of products for Epson, Roland and Mutoh printers. This system features easy to install 250ml or 500ml bags of color matched, pigmented textile inks that fit into modified Brother Cartridges. Plus and play, inks are color matched to OEM, no profiling needed.
Save $73.00 to $130.00 a bag after initial setup.


SAVE $1,000s of dollars each year by purchasing Generic Inks for you Direct To Garment Machines. SEPS Graphics DTG inks are drop ins, no flushing required.


START UP KIT 250ml Kit for the Brother GT541 or GT 782
4) Modified Cartridges with 4) 250 ml ink bags

Using NaturaLink® in your Brother® or Epson-based DTG Printer  SAVINGS!!!!!!

* Brother is a registered trademark of Brother International Corporation, and GT-541 is property of Brother®. Epson is a unit of Seiko Epson Corporation, Stylus is a registered trademark of Epson, and all other names and symbols are the property of the respective entities. We are currently accepting orders within the USA only.

Q: What is NaturaLink®?
NaturaLink is a DTG (Direct to Garment) ink, originally developed by Sawgrass Technologies for its Direct Advantage (DA) line of printers. The ink was subsequently improved and modified to yield two different formulations. One formulation (B) is designed to replicate Brother® International's ink for its GT-541 garment printer. The other formulation (E) is custom-designed for DTG printers based on Epson print-head technology. These printers include the Stylus® Pro models 4800, 4880, as well as Stylus® models 1800, 2200 and 2400. NaturaLink is a water-based pigment ink, environmentally friendly, and with high performance properties.

Q: Why should I buy this ink?
You will save money-the price is lower than that of OEM inks-while sacrificing nothing in return. Indeed, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You will obtain similar and, in some cases (such as wash fastness) better performance at a lower cost. NaturaLink ink creates a direct chemical bond with the cotton fibers in your garment, so there is no hand left behind, while yielding rich, vibrant colors that last. This chemical bond enables the garment to stand up to multiple washes, resulting in superior wash fastness. In addition, the ink was designed to be both environmentally (it is water based) and chemically friendly to you and your printer. The unparalleled stability of NaturaLink provides for superior printer performance and reduced downtime.
More Information on color fastness and warranty issues.

START UP KIT 500ml Kit for the Brother GT541 or GT 782
4) Modified Cartridges with 4) 500 ml ink bags

REPLACEMENT BLADDERS 250ml for the Brother GT541 or GT 782
Bulk ink for the Brother GT541

REPLACEMENT BLADDERS 500ml for the Brother GT541 or GT 782
Bulk ink for the Brother GT541

220cc and 500cc

Use with any DTG, Fast T-Jet, Neoflex, Flexi-jet, Veloci-jet or any bulk ink Epson based garment printer.
For all Garment Brinter Brands:
Fast T-Jet, DTG, Anajet, Veloci-Jet XL, I Dot, Flexi-Jet, MS,and  Melco Jet Garment Printers.

Bulk Direct to Garment Inks for DTG Printers, Anajet, Tjet.
Lowest Pricing on the Market!  DTG Inks for Epson Based Direct to Garment Machines. Exact drop in, not flushing.

Fast Jet TEXTILE is a specially formulated pigment textile ink that will work on 100% cotton and 50/50 garments with only a simple heat setting to make the print washfast.

Ink Cartridges are compatible with AnaJet SPRINT™ and AnaJet FP-125™ and MelcoJet printers. They are all new cartridges that are not manufactured, filled, or endorsed by AnaJet or Melco. Cartridges are not for use with the MelcoJet G2. Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
These ink cartridges are brand new, never reused or refilled. We never use recycled cartridges.

Mouse pads, apron, coasters, T-shirts, purses and may more....

Having problems printing Light Colored Polyester? Not any more!
Normally, polyester fabrics have always been difficult to print on. The ink would bleed and colors were not very vibrant. However customers still requested printing on them, and now there is a cure!

Apply Viper Venom for Light Colored Polyester with a spray bottle and then cure with a heat press before printing. The difference between treated and untreated can be seen in the photo to the left, note the treated shirt has blacker blacks and more vibrant colors, image clarity and fine detail on small text is also greatly improved (inset).

Viper Venom is a great addition to any DTG shop that needs to print on light colored polyester fabrics. Of course testing is necessary as some polyester will work better than others.

In short, light colored 100% polyester performance garments are no longer a headache and create another profit center for DTG shops.

Full line of Brother GT-541 Supplies and Accessories. Brother Garment Inks, Sawgrass Natura Link B brother inks,  Anajet Inks, DTG Inks, Idot Inks, all Epson Based DTG Inks.  Textile inks for the TJet  and DTG Printers  for any DTG Printer available. SEPS Also carries a  line of genric inks that have proven to work in the Brother, DTG, Anajet, Belquette,  TJet Printers and all the DTG Printers.
Our Textile Garment Inks that will work all  DTG Printers.

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